Out of Commission


WP_20160723_13_36_27_Pro As spooky as it sounds, it can be really scary. I have a chronic illness, so there are times when I am down and cannot produce because all of my energy is given to bare minimum tasks. But I am up and running once again with greased gears. So that being said, stay tuned in the next 24 hours for some new pics. I am taking the pictures today and preparing them for the sites. Please forgive the long absence and see you later.

Love Kristi V


Sixty Seven Days and Ten Hours To Go….

harvest dancesm

Harvest Dance





Now that back to school stuff is finally settling, I am back to concentrating  on my next haunting experience. Making Jack o Lanterns, Witch Hats, Haunted Houses, etc. all day and night. Share your favorite part of Halloween….

Spookily Yours

Kristi V


From the artist of VAC


I am here to tell you a true story. My pin name that I use is Kristi V. My real name is Shantal Green. I am going to explain why. First off my middle name is Kristine, hence Kristi has been a nickname of mine ever since I can remember. Now the V. part. I am now engaged to the love of my life and his last name is Vandenboom. So I will proudly hold this name as well in the near future. And that is why I have the name Kristi V.