Beauty in Every Challenge


Beauty in Challenge

Another inspirational quote added to a different painting I did. #climbabovetheclutter

It has been quite a challenge figuring out what I want to do with all of the creativity in my head. I am now fine tuning my niche and putting it together into products and services. I also had quite a challenge getting past so many fears.

Another challenge was all of the learning curves, especially with technology. I learned how to digitally add words and layers to my pictures. I always wondered how people did it. I am learning to use self publishing of my writings, graphic design, and business websites. One day at a time. It will come.

Love KristiV


Voodoo King of Clubs



OMG! Check him out! Isn’t he cute!

Here is the new card series I started. This is my Voodoo King of Clubs.

He represents being able to be happy and yourself even when others are trying to manipulate or make you be something different. Resist and be yourself.

Now to give him a queen.

So much Fun!

Love Kristi V

Like Water, It Seeps Through My Fingers



Water. It is needed, desired, and coveted. It has many spiritual meanings through the generations and can elicit every emotion. It is breath taking in every form.

I love paintings and sculptures depicting water of any sort. The only issue is I cannot paint it well. So during my practice times when not working or wearing my other hats, I am studying and practicing painting water. I also am looking at how to include it into my sculptures.

I do not now why it alludes me, but it does. If you have any suggestions, please share.

Love Kristi V

Here are some of our recent party decorations


We had a really fun game night. We had an open bar, smoothies and sodas, buffet of food, (all decorated in red, white and black), colored table clothes and dinnerware, streamers, balloons, cards hung from the ceiling and card shapes made of construction paper everywhere. These were painted for the event. The first one is on a wooden board to set outside the front door. The other three are on canvas. Party on!

Kristi V