A new idea.



I am working on a ambitious project of a giant dinosaur egg. Perhaps with a dinosaur inside. It now sits with four layers of paper pasted on. Will do more layers and then go to the next step. Stay tuned for updates on this project.

Kristi V


Tools of the Trade


Here is a snapshot of my half of the garage. Ha! (The space distribution varies according to the day. Ha!) The pictures show newspaper and it tore in strips, cardboard (thick and thin), ingredients of the paste and clay, sealers, paints, bags and bags of recyclables, and mixers and bowls. There are carving tools, and sketching tools. There are all kinds of cutting tools and adhesives. Drawers of craft supplies. I also have access to welding tools, hand tools and wood working tools. And just like any man or woman cave it is never enough, Ha!

Of course these supplies seep into my kitchen, living room and even the bedroom and bathroom. I have things soaking by the water hose and projects drying and setting everywhere. I mean until I can afford the big, beautiful, ideal studio, this is the only option.

The good news is my hubby is also an artisan and shares in the mess. Ha! He does metal art and we work with wood as well.

Plus I have three children who are artisans. One is a painter, one works with wood working and sculptures, and the other works with metal.  The other kiddos love to help, especially with the big projects. We also have been blessed with a son who is so mechanically inclined. I am presently trying to work with him to learn how to animate some of our props.

So that being said, we all just live, and breath ART!!! Just one of the ways we bond as a family. There are others. This is just one of the family businesses. We all participate in my hubby’s business as well. He is the owner of Fireside Welding. With his business we get to create on a much larger scale. We build metal buildings, fences, lawn furniture, smokers, grills, decorations, etc.

So life here is nothing but creating our future, literally. Ha!

Kristi V.


Here is some access to our various projects.

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