A new idea.



I am working on a ambitious project of a giant dinosaur egg. Perhaps with a dinosaur inside. It now sits with four layers of paper pasted on. Will do more layers and then go to the next step. Stay tuned for updates on this project.

Kristi V


Finished and Sealed!!!


The Spider Witch’s Hat, and Mr. Moon all are ready to go. I am still working on my Creepy Clown’s hair and then he will be complete.  I will do better photos to post for sale but wanted you to get the first peek. Let me know what you think.

Out of Commission


WP_20160723_13_36_27_Pro As spooky as it sounds, it can be really scary. I have a chronic illness, so there are times when I am down and cannot produce because all of my energy is given to bare minimum tasks. But I am up and running once again with greased gears. So that being said, stay tuned in the next 24 hours for some new pics. I am taking the pictures today and preparing them for the sites. Please forgive the long absence and see you later.

Love Kristi V

Sixty Seven Days and Ten Hours To Go….

harvest dancesm

Harvest Dance





Now that back to school stuff is finally settling, I am back to concentrating  on my next haunting experience. Making Jack o Lanterns, Witch Hats, Haunted Houses, etc. all day and night. Share your favorite part of Halloween….

Spookily Yours

Kristi V


How I Made the Leaf


The leaf was a fascinating project. I wanted to make a dead leaf. So I took wire and taped cardboard to it. I cut out shapes of cardboard that matched each part of the leaf. I then used a wire to position it like it was crumbling in on itself. Then I applied layers of paper mache clay to resemble more of the folds and grooves of the leaf. I had to be careful to make sure every seam and edge were sealed with clay. Then after it set for a week with each layer applied, I painted it with various colors to resemble a dead leaf and shadows from the folds. Then it was sealed and applied to the pumpkin.

I really enjoyed this little addition. Just might repeat it.

Kristi V.


A Creepy Swamp Tree


Ok I have this vision in my head and I am in the stages of trying to make it a reality. I want to make a table  decoration of a haunted house in a swamp. So this is part of that project. This will all be made with paper mache and model supplies. Right now my main swamp tree, which is dead and hanging over, looks like it has moss all over it.

This was a tedious project as I had to continue to adjust the support for the branches.

I will continue to post on the project as a whole. It became more entailing than first thought. But it is really fun.

Stay posted!

Kristi v.

New Table Decorations on the Way!


WP_20160625_12_59_12_Pro   WP_20160723_12_11_48_Pro

Here are the beginnings of some paper mache coffins. they are about 8 inches long and about two inches wide. They have been paper mached and have had one basic layer of clay applied. Now it is time for the sculpted detail. These guys will accompany other table decorations.

Just the perfect size to set on a office desk or on the food table of a party.

Accepting ideas for the details on the coffins. Let me know.

Kristi V.