How I Made the Leaf


The leaf was a fascinating project. I wanted to make a dead leaf. So I took wire and taped cardboard to it. I cut out shapes of cardboard that matched each part of the leaf. I then used a wire to position it like it was crumbling in on itself. Then I applied layers of paper mache clay to resemble more of the folds and grooves of the leaf. I had to be careful to make sure every seam and edge were sealed with clay. Then after it set for a week with each layer applied, I painted it with various colors to resemble a dead leaf and shadows from the folds. Then it was sealed and applied to the pumpkin.

I really enjoyed this little addition. Just might repeat it.

Kristi V.



A Creepy Swamp Tree


Ok I have this vision in my head and I am in the stages of trying to make it a reality. I want to make a table  decoration of a haunted house in a swamp. So this is part of that project. This will all be made with paper mache and model supplies. Right now my main swamp tree, which is dead and hanging over, looks like it has moss all over it.

This was a tedious project as I had to continue to adjust the support for the branches.

I will continue to post on the project as a whole. It became more entailing than first thought. But it is really fun.

Stay posted!

Kristi v.

Tools of the Trade


Here is a snapshot of my half of the garage. Ha! (The space distribution varies according to the day. Ha!) The pictures show newspaper and it tore in strips, cardboard (thick and thin), ingredients of the paste and clay, sealers, paints, bags and bags of recyclables, and mixers and bowls. There are carving tools, and sketching tools. There are all kinds of cutting tools and adhesives. Drawers of craft supplies. I also have access to welding tools, hand tools and wood working tools. And just like any man or woman cave it is never enough, Ha!

Of course these supplies seep into my kitchen, living room and even the bedroom and bathroom. I have things soaking by the water hose and projects drying and setting everywhere. I mean until I can afford the big, beautiful, ideal studio, this is the only option.

The good news is my hubby is also an artisan and shares in the mess. Ha! He does metal art and we work with wood as well.

Plus I have three children who are artisans. One is a painter, one works with wood working and sculptures, and the other works with metal.  The other kiddos love to help, especially with the big projects. We also have been blessed with a son who is so mechanically inclined. I am presently trying to work with him to learn how to animate some of our props.

So that being said, we all just live, and breath ART!!! Just one of the ways we bond as a family. There are others. This is just one of the family businesses. We all participate in my hubby’s business as well. He is the owner of Fireside Welding. With his business we get to create on a much larger scale. We build metal buildings, fences, lawn furniture, smokers, grills, decorations, etc.

So life here is nothing but creating our future, literally. Ha!

Kristi V.


Here is some access to our various projects.
vac@vackristiv on Twitter


New Table Decorations on the Way!


WP_20160625_12_59_12_Pro   WP_20160723_12_11_48_Pro

Here are the beginnings of some paper mache coffins. they are about 8 inches long and about two inches wide. They have been paper mached and have had one basic layer of clay applied. Now it is time for the sculpted detail. These guys will accompany other table decorations.

Just the perfect size to set on a office desk or on the food table of a party.

Accepting ideas for the details on the coffins. Let me know.

Kristi V.



“Soon I will suck your blood…”


Another character developing is a vampire pumpkin. His name has not come to me yet. I am still working on his eyes, details, and if I want a hat of some sort. Colors are definitely black and white, with a little blood of course.

Feel free to share ideas and keep check on the progress.

Kristi V.



5 More Characters on the Way!


Busy, busy, busy! There are now five pumpkin shapes ready for the the clay sculpting process. Each one has its own shape and will develop its own personality over time. A basic layer of clay is applied and allowed to set for a week. This first layer also closes in the bottom on the pumpkins that are not going to have cut out faces.