Deck of Cards Wall Art


Continuing with a theme I love. I am a big fan of cards. Any kind.

The “Bleeding Ace of Hearts” represents how every challenge and contrast in our lives causes our hearts to bleed with pain, guilt, anguish or regret. But when we release those things as we feel through them something beautiful always arises like a rose. We become different people each time with deeper understanding and perspectives. We find ourselves.

“Bleeding Ace of Hearts” is a reminder of all of the times we went through Hell and survived.

The King and Queen of Hearts both stand for how the love of death is still cherished. We are freer and lighter when we let go of the old thoughts, beliefs, things and people that no longer serve us. Our individuality and authenticity shine through. We become our true selves.

The King and Queen of Hearts has sold. But the Ace is still on Etsy. (

I am now working on clubs. My skeletal voodoo king is in the making. Our voodoo king is reminding us to let go of all of the things we do because others want us to or are manipulating us into. Show your true self regardless of what others think you should be.

I have him a queen in mind and will start her soon. As far as an ace, not sure yet.

These will fill any room with the nice Goth inspiration that we all love.

Stay tuned as the series unfolds!


Love Kristi V



Here are some of our recent party decorations


We had a really fun game night. We had an open bar, smoothies and sodas, buffet of food, (all decorated in red, white and black), colored table clothes and dinnerware, streamers, balloons, cards hung from the ceiling and card shapes made of construction paper everywhere. These were painted for the event. The first one is on a wooden board to set outside the front door. The other three are on canvas. Party on!

Kristi V

Finished and Sealed!!!


The Spider Witch’s Hat, and Mr. Moon all are ready to go. I am still working on my Creepy Clown’s hair and then he will be complete.  I will do better photos to post for sale but wanted you to get the first peek. Let me know what you think.

“Soon I will suck your blood…”


Another character developing is a vampire pumpkin. His name has not come to me yet. I am still working on his eyes, details, and if I want a hat of some sort. Colors are definitely black and white, with a little blood of course.

Feel free to share ideas and keep check on the progress.

Kristi V.