I am the Creepy Side of VAC


I am Kristi V., the owner and artist of VAC. I am an artist of many mediums and styles. I love so much about the world that I take it all in like a sponge. As I have gone through life I have gained lots of experience. I have experimented with many different things and many different types of creating. I have discovered I can create in every venue of life. I have also discovered that I have a purpose on this great planet and I have talent. So hand and hand I want to use all of my wisdom to help the world be a more beautiful and happier place.

I believe from experience and from time with the people on this great planet, that we all need to deal with our own internal karmic demons and fall in love with our darker sides in order to achieve a balance within ourselves. I celebrate our darker side and help others with this process through art, my writing, my speaking, and by living.

I am now offering what I have learned with you and will continue to as I learn more. I have been an artist my whole life, and an author since high school. I love to speak and entertain others as I help them face and love their reflections in the mirror. Making all of this into a business is quite a learning curve and has provided a lot of opportunities for my personal evolution over the last two or three years. So here I am just really being able to put some fire into it with confidence.

I am building up an inventory and am not short of ideas for more. So I feel like a busy little bee almost all of the time. But for once in my life I am happy and excited about every single moment of every single day. Join me for the ride of a life time.

Here are other places I am making a web presence:




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