Creepy April

Well I am really enjoying the paper mache. I am also glad that I finally came to a conclusion of what kind of art gets me real excited, and that is of course Halloween and Fall.  I am also working on some creepy Christmas decor. So perhaps it entails anything Gothic or creepy in nature. Definitely what I like.

As I have gone on this adventure to make my art a business, I have gone through many evolutionary phases. It is a massive learning curve that has given me the challenge I have been needing. I am exploring marketing and sales opportunities. I am loving finding others who share my passion and definitely loving making art!!!

I have also discovered that my family shares this love and we are having a hay day making prop designs, etc. I am going to try and share with you this journey as I travel down this spooky gravel road.

Here are some new updates on my projects!!!


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