Autumn is Here!

Autumn's Eve is hand painted on a 18

Autumn’s Eve is hand painted on a 18″ x 24″ 140lb paper and sealed.

When is Autumn, (Fall)? For all purposes, it is in September, October, and November.

People from around the world from many different cultures and religions celebrate Autumn in beautiful ways. I mean what is not to celebrate? The summer is now transitioning into the cooler climate of winter and the many harvests are in. Our economic and social scenes are changing with schools starting, and political officials changing or taking offices. There are so many different events in history being commemorated. Many religious beliefs have beautiful aspects of their faiths commemorated. The elements and the nature of the earth are also changing as the planet spins the opposite side of the orbit.  Depending on the part of the world you reside, there are changes to the plants, animals and weather around the world. This means a change of colors for some, and for others a time of hibernation.

All of these things represent a time of doing away with the old and seeing what is new.  This is the perfect time to look and evaluate how far we have come and where we want to go.  It is a prime time to stop and remember and to be grateful for all that has occurred in our lives and our world, good and bad. There is a bigger picture ahead and everything played a role in getting us where we are today.

There are so many ways the world celebrates Autumn’s Greatness. Some celebrations are Jousting of the Saracens: Arezzo, Italy (September 4, 2005),  King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament: Hua Hin, Thailand (September 5 – 11, 2005),  Outback Festival: Winton, Australia (September 14 – 18, 2005),  White Night: Paris, France (October 1-2, 2005), Festival of Dasain: Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan in Nepal (October 2-10, 2005),  Círio De Nazaré: Belém, Brazil (October 7 – 14, 2005),  Diwali Festival of Lights: Throughout India (November 1, 2005),  Day of the Dead: Throughout Mexico and Guatemala (November 1-2, 2005), Guy Fawkes’ Night: Throughout England (Nov 5, 2005), and in America there is Labor Day, Grandparents Day, Patriot Day, Autumn Equinox, Columbus Day, Halloween,  Election Day, Veterans Day, Remembrance Day, and Thanksgiving.    

I really love to decorate for the fall and the holidays we celebrate which are Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I also like to take time every year and learn how some others are celebrated and take a day to commemorate it with my family.  We are learning that all people have so much to offer the world and mankind. We learn the traditions, foods, colors, décor, costumes, music, history and meanings of the holidays and celebrations. Then low and behold some of those traditions seep into our own for years to come.

I believe that this time of year shows us the beauty of deep dark colors, rich foods, big gatherings, passionate music, and the appreciation of death and of times gone by. My art for this time of year shows that. I invite you to take time and see how wonderful people from around the world are when they celebrate this time of year.

Kristi V.

Harvest Dance is a hand painted picture on 18

Harvest Dance is a hand painted picture on 18″ x 24″ 140lb paper.


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