Wow Life is Full of Surprises

Hello All.

I want to welcome all and anyone who has come across our site.  As you can tell I have been absent for a substantial amount of time. Life had many events in our family and we had to stop and come back.  We are a family owned business that mainly sells hand painted art, murals, birthday and holiday decor and art, crafts, sketches and designs, metal art and what ever tickles our fancy.  We really love being creative, but there is another side to us as well.  We love to inspire and motivate others to dream.  There have been many personal dramas in our lives that we have personally overcome. This gives us the love and hope to help others see their light as well.  Our art will represent some encouragement, inspiration, deep thoughts, and some fun. We also welcome ideas others have that they haven’t been able to reproduce in a creative art form. We also enjoy observing art from various other artists and it shows how beautiful the world is around us.

Keep watch patiently as I begin to post pictures and descriptions of some of our work and our goals.

Have a wonderful day, Kristi V.


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